Aphyosemion cogatum


Any species chosen should obviously be able to withstand the slightly cooler conditions required..;Red Spotted Killi fish originate from Gabon and Equatorial Guinea, our stock are wild caught.
The Red Spotted Killi fish when adult is one of the most impressive medium sized characins.
They can be nervous if kept in small numbers. AphyosemioncogatumWe recommend a shoal of 4 or more.

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Red Spotted Aphyosemion striatum can be kept in a community setup provided tankmates are chosen with care. This is a very peaceful, shy species and will easily be outcompeted by more vigorous fish. Ideal choices include small characins, rasboras and dwarf cichlids, Corydoras, small Loricariids and peaceful Anabantoids. Aphyosemioncogatum

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